Am i that selfish? can i be selfish? im asking her over and over again. As i told her whats really inside me.. she forgive me. And i can see a couple of tears drop from her eyes. I realize, shes touched. So am i. After what happen a couple days before, as i treat her like what im not supposed to, im glad were finally can see each other through eyes and eyes again.

i realize what kind of jerk i am. I made her cry. I hurt her. I always hurt her. Make me realize, am i really the guy who's destined to be with her? am i really capable for her? Is she deserve a worst guy like i am?. Then i start to fully realize how lucky i am. She chose me. She never give up on me, even sometimes i tried to make her hate me so he can realize what kind of person i really am. She always said she dont understand me and how she tried to. But what i really understand, she already know who i am. What kind of person i am. Thats when she makes the choice. She chose me. Over million people out there. God please make her mine.

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