The Kill

Its so sad to begin my space with unhappy story. I like to keep it all alone cause its too embarrassing of me to tell anyone. But i decide to tell and say how scare i am so people will know what a weak man ive become.

Someone i love was hurt accidentally. But as a man of her.. i should comfort her at the time she's really in pain and needed me. But im scared, im scared to know how painful she is and not there to avoid the thing that happen and even take her pain away. im speechless, I cant think at all even a single kind of image. I know ive started to sound emo and undependable. Hoping people to know how weak and chicken i am to face the truth. I know it sounds like a lame kind of thing, but thats who i am. Im so weak.

As she struggling the pain and feel more pain because of my lame act, im drowning with my own 'too-worried' sickness and my own kind of pain. Im sorry. And im sorry for wasting your time to read this rubbish story with a deadly crap grammar from a deadly lame guy.

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The Kill is the song title by 30 Seconds To Mars